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By signing this Agreement, the Hirer warrants and agrees that the Event is accurately and comprehensively described in the Booking Details form and that the Hirer fully understands the terms and conditions of the Agreement.

The following documents form the Agreement between the Hirer and KCC: 
•    the Venue Hire Agreement - Specific Terms; 
•    the Terms and Conditions; 
•    the Booking Details online form 
•    any addendum to this Agreement.

2.1 Venue Hire: 
KCC will hire the Venue to the Hirer for the Hire Period. The Hirer will pay KCC the Venue Hire Price for the hire of the Venue at the times set out in the Booking Details form. 

2.2 Payment Terms: 
Unless otherwise agreed with KCC Management, payment is due within 7 days of invoice.

•    Unruly and antisocial behaviour will not be tolerated. 
•    Anyone intoxicated or using drugs will be removed from the building without recourse.
•    Children under the age of 13 must be supervised 
•    Please be mindful of other patrons at the centre during your visit 
3.1 Smoking
KCC venue is strictly a no smoking venue and the Hirer must adhere to and enforce this policy and the requirements of the Smoke-free Environments Amendment Act 2003.
3.2 Permitted
You must take responsibility for any permitted personal items you bring to the centre. We do our best to return lost property, but we are not liable for any loss or damage that may occur.
•    Registered Guide and Hearing Dogs are permitted in all areas of the centre except those used for food preparation.
•    Alcohol is only permitted by prior arrangement with Kapiti Community Centre Management.
3.3 Prohibited
•    Gang patches 
•    Weapons, fireworks, flares or flammables
•    Illegal substances
•    Marker pens, spray paint, tagging equipment
•    Registered Guide and Hearing Dogs are prohibited in the kitchen, or where food is being prepared.




4.1 Confirmation: 
No booking is confirmed until KCC has received the completed Booking Details form digitally signed by the hirer.


5.1 Cancellation by Hirer:
Once a booking is confirmed should the booking be cancelled or postponed, unless due to circumstances out of your hands such as natural disaster, the following fees will apply:
•    Within 72hrs of the Hire Period, 50% will be charged of your booking; (unless by natural disaster).
•    Outside of 72hrs of the Hire Period, ‘Full Refund’


6.1 Administration Fees:
If any amount remains overdue after 30 Working Days, then KCC may also charge for administration fees. 


7.1 Additional Charges: 
In addition to the Venue Hire Price and the Event Charges, the Hirer may be charged for:
•    any loss or damage to the KCC, property or surroundings during the Hire Period caused by the hirer, or any Person Under the Hirer’s Control 
•    any extra cleaning, rubbish removal, repair or reinstatement of KCC of any services additional to the agreement will be on-charged to the Hirer.

7.2 Security Staff: 
KCC may require additional security staff for the Event where a higher than normal risk is identified by KCC but will notify the Hirer in advance of such a requirement. 

7.3 Technical: 
KCC technical preferred supplier are available for technical requirements and must be confirmed no less than 10 days prior to commencement of the event. Should the Hirer choose to utilise the services the Hirer must ensure compliance with Health & Safety requirements.

7.4 Catering Services: 
Food and beverage catering can be arranged by KCC-approved catering suppliers if required. This will incur extra costs and will be discussed in advance.

7.5 Exhibitions and Tradeshows: 
Where the Event has an exhibition or tradeshow, the Hirer will provide the exhibition or tradeshow floor plans for KCC’s prior approval along with any details on materials and use that KCC deems necessary to confirm compliance with Health and Safety and Building legislation. 

7.6 Temporary Structures: 
The Hirer must advise KCC in writing if the Hirer plans to construct or erect any stage, rigging, scaffolding, marquee or other temporary structure or suspend any object or thing from the ceiling of the Venue. KCC reserves the right to approve that such work be carried out by a suitably competent or qualified person and in full compliance with all relevant legislative regulations.

7.7 Attaching Items or Decorations: 
Nothing is to be driven into or attached to ceilings, walls, floors, furniture or furnishings without prior permission, regardless of attachment process.  

7.8 Maximum Capacities:
The maximum number of persons that can be admitted to the Hirer’s Event will be determined by KCC’s Emergency Evacuation Plan and the New Zealand Fire Service’s recommendations.
Venue                     Maximum Capacity     Classroom    Cocktail        Theatre
Pohutukawa Room             130                          32              130                80
Kowhai Room                      50                           18               50                 36
Rata                                      15                            14                -                  15
Murray Jensen Room          14                            12                -                  14
Manuka Room                     12                            10                -                   -
Kauri Room                          10                            10                -                   -
Nikau Room                          4                             4                 -                   -
Koru Room                            2                             2                -                    -
*Foyer (Reception Area)      60                             -               60                  -
*Available on request subject to other bookings 

7.9 Alcohol: 
If alcohol is to be consumed on the premises, you must apply for a Special Licence.  Applications can be downloaded from the Council's website -  The liquor licensing inspector processes these and can be contacted on phone (04) 296 4700.  Allow 10 working days for the processing of your application.  Alcoholic beverages must not be taken outdoors of KCC and the Hirer must not supply alcohol to anyone under 18 years on our premises.

7.10 Access Cards: 
If your booking is for outside of staffed hours, you are responsible for collection of an electronic access card from the Community Centre between Mon-Fri between 9am and 4:45pm. The card must be returned the first working day after the event.  Failure to return the card may result in the Centre charging $20 plus GST. There is a $20 replacement fee for lost cards.  If you forget to collect your access card and your hire is after hours, an after-hours call-out fee of $52+GST will be charged (subject to change).  

7.11 Licences, Permits, Consents and Authority: 
The Hirer must, at the Hirer’s expense, obtain all licences, permits and consents that may be required for the Event, including any required by Kapiti Coast District Council.  The Hirer will comply with and will ensure that all Persons under the Hirer’s Control comply with all applicable statutes, bylaws and rules of conduct for the Venue.

7.12 Noise Levels: 
The Hirer will ensure that at no time during the Even, do noise levels exceed local noise ordinances, as per the district plans. We are a shared multiple-use facility, therefore we ask you to respect the needs of other users.

7.13 Right of Entry: 
Community Centre Employees and Management, Councillors and Council Officers have right of entry to the premises for any purpose at any time during the hire period.

7.14 Cessation of Hire: 
Hire ceases at the time on your booking form. Evening hire will cease at midnight. Special conditions may apply to bookings on Public Holidays as per discussion with Community Centre Management.


8.1 General Health & Safety: 
KCC is firmly committed to the provision of a safe and healthy environment for its employees, clients, service delivery partners, contractors and the general public.  KCC expects every member of its community to accept personal responsibility for promoting the safety and wellbeing of themselves and those involved.
The Hirer will comply with all regulations, bylaws and rules applicable to the operation of the event, and use of the Centre, including taking all practicable steps to ensure current Health and Safety legislation is met.
The Hirer must read and understand the fire and emergency evacuation procedures as posted in the Centre lobby.  You must appoint someone responsible as Fire Warden.  Fire Warden equipment is located on reception.

8.2 Emergency Fire Exits and Fire Appliances:
Ensure these are clear for immediate use. No chairs, tables or equipment are to interfere with emergency escape routes. No combustibles (paper, cardboard, straw, etc.) are to be placed near the emergency exits.
You must take time to read the fire evacuation information located inside the Community Centre.  It is your responsibility to evacuate all people from your meeting/function in the event of an emergency.

8.3 Signage and Displays: 
Signs and displays may pose a potential Health and Safety hazard to your attendees and other users of the centre.  Please discuss the placement of these with Community Centre Management. 

9.1 Heating and Lighting: 
If the booking is outside of opening hours, the Hirer must ensure that all heating, lighting and appliances are turned off before vacating the premises. 

9.2 Floors: 
Please ensure floors and carpeted areas are not stained or damaged during the hire period. Room must be vacuumed as part of the vacation process.

9.3 Furniture:  
Please wipe down all tables and benches that were used and return all chairs, tables and other property to their designated areas.  

9.4 Rubbish & Recycling: 
Please ensure all rubbish and recycling is disposed of thoughtfully – either removed or placed in the bins provided. KCC may charge extra to remove excess refuse.

9.4 Alarm
The Hirer must set the alarm at the end of the hire period. Should the alarm be activated by the hirer, a call-out fee of $52+GST will be charged by the KCC security company and is subject to change without notice.
9.5 Bond
Bond will be returned within 10 working days provided you have met all the conditions during your hire period and booking/room hire fees have been received in full.  

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